Rosewood Farm Grassfed Dexter Beef

Closeup shot of slices of rare rump steak piled on a white plate

Tasty Beef

If taste is your only criteria for choosing what to eat (I hope it isn't, but if it is...) then you've come to the right place - the way we rear our Dexter cattle on a varied, natural diet of grasses, wildflowers and other vegetation, ensures that they receive more than their five-a-day and allows a depth of flavour to develop in the meat that is delicious.


Conservation Grazing

Born here on the farm during the late winter and springtime, the calves spend their first summer grazing alongside their mothers on pastures throughout the Yorkshire Ings and beyond. Their primary role is to maintain the species rich heath and meadow grasslands by mimicking the impact of the now extinct wild Aurochs upon these small remaining pockets of habitat that remain in North and East Yorkshire.


Red, horned Dexter cow looking to camera amid talls reeds with Alder trees and Alder Buckthorn bushes behind


As wild and hardy as our cattle are, the majority of our grazing sites are highly protected SSSIs so the animals must be removed in winter. The cows return to the farm and the calves are weaned before being turned out again to graze and/or fed hay in the fields here at the farm.

Our cattle are 100% grass fed & finished without the use of any grain, chemicals, fertilisers, routine wormers etc. This ensures that the cattle create the ideal habitat for dung beetles and other insects that in turn feed the birds and mammals that thrive in our natural wood pastures and meadows. The cattle either join the breeding herd and/or continue conservation grazing for up to five more years before being slaughtered for beef.

Where next?

We transport our own livestock to slaughter with younger animals traveling the short distance over the road to the village butchers, Mounfields of Bubwith while we take older animals to John Penny & Son at Rawdon. All beef is butchered by Mounfields before we pack, freeze and dispatch it direct to you. We carry out local deliveries ourselves while out and about checking the cattle and deliver nationwide by DPD next day couriers.

A Sirloin of beef hanging on a hook in a white butchers coldroom

Our shop contains a range of standard boxes or you can make up your own box by selecting all your favourite cuts. Due to popular demand there is often a waiting list for some cuts so it's worth getting in touch if what you're looking for isn't available through the website.