Rosewood Farm Pasture Raised Chicken - Small batch, big flavour.

A picture of the face of a white chicken looking very handsome

Why our chickens are good for you:

We only rear chickens in small batches and use a slower growing strain more suited to the natural environment of the fields of Rosewood Farm. 

Little chicks start their life in a brooder with cosy wood shavings and a heat lamp. Once they are old enough, they go out to pasture where they continue to be fed organic feed and get to experience natural behaviours of foraging at grass and bugs. They are kept in the safety of large pens with plenty of perch space to protect from predators and moved to a different part of the field every day so there is always fresh grass and bugs! 


A chicken pen in a field with white chickens foraging for grass and bugs


We support local suppliers by buying in our day old chicks, feed and processing from nearby producers.

They taste delicious with no added chemicals or medicines. We have done our best to give them all they need to live a happy and healthy life.


A portrait photograph of a white chicken with a red comb standing in a field of wild grass and wildflowers

Why our chickens are good for us:

Rosewood Farm is primarily a beef farm. All of our cattle are grass fed without use of any grain, chemicals, fertilisers, unnecessary worming etc.

After the cattle have grazed the land, the chickens forage on it.  The grass is shorter and there are plenty of bugs in the manure that the cattle leave. Chicken manure contains lots of nitrogen which enriches the land. After some rain and some sun, the grass will grow lush and green; the wildflowers and buttercups will bloom and the cattle will graze. And the cycle continues.


A field with wild grass, buttercups and other wildflowers with the sun setting in the trees in the distance

Photography: Emma Armstrong, Anne Rose. All photographs taken on Rosewood Farm.